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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008
1:23 pm
1st tech rehearsal
Last night we had our first tech rehearsal. I got a good deal on the stream rental, and so could incorporate music. At first the delay was 23 seconds which of course meant that the music would not quite accompany the choral odes. That will just be variable, and we'll have to deal with it. I also discovere I haven't anywhere near enough earthquake and thunder effects so will double those.

Almost everyone is now alted and costumed. Zayante dropped by with a severed head:

...and Destry walked over to show me HIS basket of goodies.

So the gory parts of the show are falling into place.

The actual performances are also going well, and so I think we will be ready for opening, technology willing.
Friday, May 23rd, 2008
7:46 pm
And the next week
I wanted to do regular postings after each rehearsal, and that got lost after two days...which is one reason why I am not a world famous blogger. People would forget me between posts.

Anyway, things have been going very well. On Tuesday, 5/20, during an exchange between Pentheus and Dionysus, I experienced a moment I feel pretty much every show: I remembered why I do theatre. This is my barometer of how well things are going. Of course, we do readthroughs, and have staging/blocking rehearsals, and work scenes. And it's all fun, but a bit like work. Until that moment when I see it's working, that it's theatre, and that we have a show.

Costumes and props are coming. I paid Angelina Burali to do the fawn skin cape and thrysoi. Ada is buying costumes so I will reimburse her from FFRC grant. All have created alts for their characters, and are outfitting them properly. I think the identifiation of the audience with the named characters/alts will aid in suspension of disbelief and allow them to "get into" it easier more easily.

I am still hoping to put the choral odes under Hydrapond's music, but we will see what the stream lag is like for performances. And my to do list for the show is still quite long...but it's a long weekend!

One of the cool thing has been putting the promo videos on youtube, as well as on CNN.com and iReport. Check out the webpage at musofyr.com/bacchae.html for the links.
Friday, May 9th, 2008
1:34 am
Second Rehearsal Observations
Sodovan Torok stopped by before rehearsal and did a vocal audition. A cold reading, he said, but he sounded good. We now have a messenger/cattle herder.

Before rehearsal I was exploring SLExchange for fire effects. I now have an attachment that will let me burst into flame, stronger than fuego! I wish I had that for RL for when I want to display anger to singe my actors. I tried some other avenues and may have one solution, if I can get Perse to deploy it while imprisoned.

Also, Steorling passed on some cool dance moves that will work for several of the characters, and Angelina gave me three sizes of thyrsoi, which I will distribute before next week.

I also did a pronunciation guide that I quickly discovered had a copy/paste error. No, the god is not DIE-oh-NEE-SEE-us. I love re-uploading corrected things. (But did.)

Not much about the rehearsal? Two observations: when you have well-cast voice actors, half your job as a director is finished. And two: damn, that theater is huge. Long crosses by characters aren't as much of a problem as much as audience members needing to use cameras to zoom in. Oh well. The thing is to scale!
Thursday, May 8th, 2008
1:25 pm
BACCHAE Read-through 5-8-08
First Rehearsal Observations

We met at the Greek Theater for our first read-through at 5:30 pm on 9 May 2008. I had hoped my cutting would bring us in around 40 minutes max, but it ran 62 minutes. (I subsequently cut a few lines more out of the Messenger and Soldier's speeches; the time reduction won't be significant, but those seemed long since I read them both.)

Of course, a read-through in the virtual world is different than in the real world. We sat around on the Greek Theater seats, not really facing one another.

I did the Soldier's speech because Foster had a mic glitch and didn't realize it in time, so I went on from him. We will have rehearsal Thursday night, I hope with a Messenger who is not me. (Ada's point about having a crash list in case someone crashes or has a tech problem--well taken.)

I was originally a little concerned about the compressed rehearsal time, but the read-through made me optimistic on that point. These are people who can read, and express emotion with their voices--half the battle. Plus the casting is going too work very well, I think.

One of the discussions that we did have was whether to use alts or people's regular avatars. Megh had suggested alts with specific names for the characters, and then showed up with an old man alt (named Tiresias Messenger) looking like he'd been spending the day working on a pyramid.

Another discussion dealt with the pronunciation of names. On my to-do list is to come up with a list for everyone, so we are consistent. Though there are times when, should Cadmus and Tiresias NOT pronounce it like everyone else, it will make them seem uncool in the Dionysian lingo.

Afterwards I spoke briefly with Angelina about some prop issues, and have already talked to Zayante Hegel about footwear. (We are bartering--she does my shoes, I perform with her in August with her "Train Poems." Fair deal!)
1:06 pm
BACCHAE cast list
Dionysus: Persephone Phoenix
Pentheus: Paggles Whitman
Tiresias: Meghamora Woodward
Cadmus: Destry Recreant
Agave: Ada Radius
Messenger: TBA
Soldier: Foster Cosmos
Chorus Leader: ToryLynn Writer
12:51 pm
BACCHAE casting: delayed posting
I wrote this after the auditions, and am just getting around to posting it.

After two nights of auditions, I sat down to do the casting. It turns out it was fairly easy to come to decisions, for two reasons. First, not too many people auditioned, and so passing the roles out was almost as easy as for the rude mechanicals in Midsummer Night's Dream.

However, there is a better reason: as I was listening to the audition readings the second night, something clicked. My original idea was to SL-ize The Bacchae, so it was not just an ancient play staged in a virtual theatre, but it was a piece that would work perfectly in the environment and milieu of Second Life. Suddenly, I was hearing two people reading it as if it was a Gorean play of domination and submission; a sexual drama of attraction and seduction, in a not entirely hetero way; and a play in a virtual world where perhaps the operator and the avatar--and the character--may not ALL share the same gender.

Sitting down and looking at the auditioners, I shuffled people quickly into roles: Paggles as a self-assured Pentheus, and opposite him Persephone Phoenix as Dionysus. Dionysus is an androgynous character, and why not a woman to play him? I made a similar decision for Tiresias. Historically (if I may use the term) Tiresias was male, but one day, after disturbing two mating snakes, the goddess Aphrodite changed him into a woman. Later he was changed back, but as a result of this experience, he had wisdom from both the male and female perspectives.

Part of the ease of the task also came from the variety of the auditioners (even given such a small group). All have distinctive voices, and no one should confuse them; pairing Destry with Megh will work well. ToryLynn's younger sounding voice as the enquiring Chorus Leader will contrast with the mature sounding Agave of Ada Radius.

I still need one more male actor, and am recruiting.
Monday, April 14th, 2008
1:06 pm
Final Project progress report
  In my final video i decided to do an expose on the city of Greensburg.  Not very exciting i know, but there are some interesting things about this little town that i did not know.  I had fun driving around town with a video camera getting some interesting looks as i did so.  Editing has been difficult because the camera i used uses little tiny CD's and i had to mess around forever till i found a way to show it.  Anyway i appreciate you keeping your boos to a minimum, thanks.
1:04 pm
12:59 pm
Second Life Performances
  I was playing around all day and was curious about how to find an SL performance without having my avatar wander about aimlessly.  I came across the SL performances home page.  It has all the performances listed and were to find them.  Its really good food for those of us not familiar with SL, and maybe want to get more involved.
Sunday, April 13th, 2008
10:01 pm
Progress Report on Final Video
hello all,

so this is a progress report on my final project, which i am doing a video for...So far it's looking pretty good, i am enjoying the editing process. So to let you all in on my little secret, my final video is going to be like this.

I am making a mini variety show full of skits and trailers and music videos, oh my...The first piece i made is a music video of the song "if you think i'm sexy" by rod stewart with a bunch of my friends. It's pretty funny, and hopefully you all with think so too. The second part of the show is a skit based off the reality show, the real world. Since i filmed it at my old high school, i based it off of that and it was filmed there. The last thing in the show is going to be a trailer for a spoof of all the mobster movies out there.

So that's about it in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to showing it to all of you guys, and seeing if you like it. I also can't wait to see everyone elses, it should be a good time!

Signing off,
Bobby Gerginski
Saturday, April 12th, 2008
1:02 pm
Final Project Progress
I've chosen my setlist for the performance in SL this Friday, all I have to do is figure out if this program will let me download it so I can do it all myself (it's being fickle) or if I'm going to need a DJ so I can perform.  I'll have music collaborated by my production company One Eye Up, songs written for Mother Courage, and other various originals.

Come see! 
Thursday, April 10th, 2008
4:02 pm
Final Project Progress Report
This is the time where I start to have a break down. I haven't yet started to film my final project yet due to lack of equipment, I have to wait to use my roommate's camera. Most of the video is planned out it just needs recorded and edited. If all goes well I plan to start shooting the end of this week carrying over into the weekend and do the editing process this weekends as well so that way I can have everything ready to go for next week. I hope all works out and I am crossing my fingers wish me luck.

Current Mood: worried
3:13 pm
Final Project progress report
Filming has wrapped.  Two days of filming, took about 8 hours, which all took place after midnight in and around campus.  Currently in the process of editiing 2 hours of footage down to seven minutes.  After filming I can say that this film is a parody of War of the Worlds, Godzilla,  50s B Sci fi movie, and 300 ....maybe  - will be referenced.  The plot probably asks more questions than gets answered at the end of the film.  It is epic...hopefully makes some sense.  Most scenes take place outside at night, hopefully lighting was okay.  I can see it on my computer, we'll see how it renders.

The basic premise is that some students hear a crash on campus, investigate it, get chased by a gorilla.  Is the gorilla an alien? Was it just Jay in a gorilla suit playing tricks?  Would security believe there is a some bigfoot creature loose on campus?

Hopefully I can edit this down to just 7 minutes.  Maybe there will be a director's cut in addition to a 7 minute version.

Starring Steve Dayoub, Lauren Griffith, Jay  Minnich, Kevin Cline, Mike McCarthy, Megan Redfoot, Nathan Willis....I think that's all.  Special appearance by Meghan Kyle. No Steves or Kevins were harmed during the filming of this movie.  Some dedicated actors who would run when I said run.  I thank them.

However this movie turns out, I had a blast making it.
10:19 am

as of roughly 4am this morning, Lauren and I finished the filming of our movie, which I should say, will be nothing less than interesting. With the assistance of a few fiends, and the cooperation o a couple of inosent bystanders, we were able to add some unique qualities to our film. Probably sometime this evening the editing process will begin, and the shots should be startung to come together. There was a bit of difficulty though, where our shooting had to be postponed due to a "few" schedualing conflicts, having a shortage of actors from the get go, as well as an uncooperative western Pennsylvania and its arguable weather. However, things did get back on track, and once shooting started everything flowed pretty nicely.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
4:28 pm
As laure n has mentioned, her and I will be doing our final project together. It will be a fictional film based around a UFO crash at UPG. Throughout the film, there will be a series of running scenes, a chase scene, moments of passion and drama, as well as a few twists to test conceptions of reality and truth. The movie will feature a wide variety of actors, as well as a progression of time and even space. Some questions that the film will try and explore as well as answer will be, what are aliens, who are aliens, are there actually any aliens, why, what, as well as points to which existence is meaningful, if not meaning less, and one of the largest questions: how big is big?
4:35 pm
Final Project
For my final project I plan to make a music video to a song that I record that way I can work on the audio and video skills we learned in class
4:28 pm
I think the avatar playing Pentheus, might be able to change his opacity(some script should be able to do this) so he can be a little transparent when the character dies, and just have him wonder around as a ghost.
2:43 pm
Final Project
For my final project i plan to do a short informative film on the town of Greensburg, not very exciting i know but i found some interesting facts.  Plus i look like an idiot on camera, should make the class laugh
2:21 pm
Bacchae Project
  After doing some extensive researching, and thinking about the Bacchae project and the challenges of directing a performance in second life, i have come up with several ideas.   The first issue for any performance is finding a venue.  Im sure in second life it is no different.  i did some searching and found a couple really nice places this play could be held (even tho im sure Phorkyad has a great place in mind) http://www.flickr.com/photos/pathfinderlinden/sets/72157594150210551/.  http://www.secondlifeinsider.com/2007/07/28/the-sky-cinema-fly-in-theater/
    these are only two of the places i found.  i especially like the second one just cause its fly-in only.  I consider myself completely incompetent  in second life, so i searched for some ways to get non-second lifers interested in coming to something like a bacchae performance.  A great site popped up instantly, one that im sure is way underneath second life veterans, but to someone like me it seems like a great way to get new second lifers to come out and see the bacchae. http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2006/10/advertising_in_.html
    As far as the play itself is concerned there are a couple scenes that might be difficult to project in SL.  First i wonder where Phorkyad is going to find so many angry women willing to rip live animals and people to shreds, besides that how that would be put on stage is a good question.  Having never attended a play in SL i wonder how action scenes are portrayed, because avatars do not move very gracefully at all.  For this i propose a Narrator.  Someone with a good voice who can help explain to the audience what is going on.  For Example:  when pentheus is being torn apart, the narrator can explain why the avatars look like they are fighting.  It is even possible to leave certain scenes out of the play and still put on a great performance, alas these are decisions for a director to make.  Hopefully one who is SL savvy, and knows the ins and outs of theater.  Regardless a play in SL with all its Challenges would be an interesting and fun thing to attend, without leaving the house.
Friday, March 28th, 2008
1:22 pm

The idea I have is to actually incorporate the chorus of Dionysus into the production. It would extend the production, time wise, a bit, but would incorporate a more traditional feel to a greek play being acted out in a greek theater. The chorus could have a few musical interludes, as well as hum/sing, when Dionysus appears, or talks. They would mostly be used as a background effect for Dionysus, but at the same time could be used as a representation of the divinity of Dionysus. The music and/or vocals from the chorus could be recorded in real life, and fed into SL, and in addition, you could have a grouping of avatars fixated in one spot, which would represent the part of the stage that they would normally be found in. Then feed the music through the area. A few pose balls would have to be used, in order to have the group look like they were singing in unicent.

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