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Bacchae Project

  After doing some extensive researching, and thinking about the Bacchae project and the challenges of directing a performance in second life, i have come up with several ideas.   The first issue for any performance is finding a venue.  Im sure in second life it is no different.  i did some searching and found a couple really nice places this play could be held (even tho im sure Phorkyad has a great place in mind)
    these are only two of the places i found.  i especially like the second one just cause its fly-in only.  I consider myself completely incompetent  in second life, so i searched for some ways to get non-second lifers interested in coming to something like a bacchae performance.  A great site popped up instantly, one that im sure is way underneath second life veterans, but to someone like me it seems like a great way to get new second lifers to come out and see the bacchae.
    As far as the play itself is concerned there are a couple scenes that might be difficult to project in SL.  First i wonder where Phorkyad is going to find so many angry women willing to rip live animals and people to shreds, besides that how that would be put on stage is a good question.  Having never attended a play in SL i wonder how action scenes are portrayed, because avatars do not move very gracefully at all.  For this i propose a Narrator.  Someone with a good voice who can help explain to the audience what is going on.  For Example:  when pentheus is being torn apart, the narrator can explain why the avatars look like they are fighting.  It is even possible to leave certain scenes out of the play and still put on a great performance, alas these are decisions for a director to make.  Hopefully one who is SL savvy, and knows the ins and outs of theater.  Regardless a play in SL with all its Challenges would be an interesting and fun thing to attend, without leaving the house.
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