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Final Project progress report

Filming has wrapped.  Two days of filming, took about 8 hours, which all took place after midnight in and around campus.  Currently in the process of editiing 2 hours of footage down to seven minutes.  After filming I can say that this film is a parody of War of the Worlds, Godzilla,  50s B Sci fi movie, and 300 ....maybe  - will be referenced.  The plot probably asks more questions than gets answered at the end of the film.  It is epic...hopefully makes some sense.  Most scenes take place outside at night, hopefully lighting was okay.  I can see it on my computer, we'll see how it renders.

The basic premise is that some students hear a crash on campus, investigate it, get chased by a gorilla.  Is the gorilla an alien? Was it just Jay in a gorilla suit playing tricks?  Would security believe there is a some bigfoot creature loose on campus?

Hopefully I can edit this down to just 7 minutes.  Maybe there will be a director's cut in addition to a 7 minute version.

Starring Steve Dayoub, Lauren Griffith, Jay  Minnich, Kevin Cline, Mike McCarthy, Megan Redfoot, Nathan Willis....I think that's all.  Special appearance by Meghan Kyle. No Steves or Kevins were harmed during the filming of this movie.  Some dedicated actors who would run when I said run.  I thank them.

However this movie turns out, I had a blast making it.
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