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Phorkyad Acropolis

BACCHAE casting: delayed posting

I wrote this after the auditions, and am just getting around to posting it.

After two nights of auditions, I sat down to do the casting. It turns out it was fairly easy to come to decisions, for two reasons. First, not too many people auditioned, and so passing the roles out was almost as easy as for the rude mechanicals in Midsummer Night's Dream.

However, there is a better reason: as I was listening to the audition readings the second night, something clicked. My original idea was to SL-ize The Bacchae, so it was not just an ancient play staged in a virtual theatre, but it was a piece that would work perfectly in the environment and milieu of Second Life. Suddenly, I was hearing two people reading it as if it was a Gorean play of domination and submission; a sexual drama of attraction and seduction, in a not entirely hetero way; and a play in a virtual world where perhaps the operator and the avatar--and the character--may not ALL share the same gender.

Sitting down and looking at the auditioners, I shuffled people quickly into roles: Paggles as a self-assured Pentheus, and opposite him Persephone Phoenix as Dionysus. Dionysus is an androgynous character, and why not a woman to play him? I made a similar decision for Tiresias. Historically (if I may use the term) Tiresias was male, but one day, after disturbing two mating snakes, the goddess Aphrodite changed him into a woman. Later he was changed back, but as a result of this experience, he had wisdom from both the male and female perspectives.

Part of the ease of the task also came from the variety of the auditioners (even given such a small group). All have distinctive voices, and no one should confuse them; pairing Destry with Megh will work well. ToryLynn's younger sounding voice as the enquiring Chorus Leader will contrast with the mature sounding Agave of Ada Radius.

I still need one more male actor, and am recruiting.
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