Phorkyad Acropolis (phorkyad) wrote in theatechnology,
Phorkyad Acropolis

Second Rehearsal Observations

Sodovan Torok stopped by before rehearsal and did a vocal audition. A cold reading, he said, but he sounded good. We now have a messenger/cattle herder.

Before rehearsal I was exploring SLExchange for fire effects. I now have an attachment that will let me burst into flame, stronger than fuego! I wish I had that for RL for when I want to display anger to singe my actors. I tried some other avenues and may have one solution, if I can get Perse to deploy it while imprisoned.

Also, Steorling passed on some cool dance moves that will work for several of the characters, and Angelina gave me three sizes of thyrsoi, which I will distribute before next week.

I also did a pronunciation guide that I quickly discovered had a copy/paste error. No, the god is not DIE-oh-NEE-SEE-us. I love re-uploading corrected things. (But did.)

Not much about the rehearsal? Two observations: when you have well-cast voice actors, half your job as a director is finished. And two: damn, that theater is huge. Long crosses by characters aren't as much of a problem as much as audience members needing to use cameras to zoom in. Oh well. The thing is to scale!
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