Phorkyad Acropolis (phorkyad) wrote in theatechnology,
Phorkyad Acropolis

1st tech rehearsal

Last night we had our first tech rehearsal. I got a good deal on the stream rental, and so could incorporate music. At first the delay was 23 seconds which of course meant that the music would not quite accompany the choral odes. That will just be variable, and we'll have to deal with it. I also discovere I haven't anywhere near enough earthquake and thunder effects so will double those.

Almost everyone is now alted and costumed. Zayante dropped by with a severed head:

...and Destry walked over to show me HIS basket of goodies.

So the gory parts of the show are falling into place.

The actual performances are also going well, and so I think we will be ready for opening, technology willing.
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