Phorkyad Acropolis (phorkyad) wrote in theatechnology,
Phorkyad Acropolis

BACCHAE Read-through 5-8-08

First Rehearsal Observations

We met at the Greek Theater for our first read-through at 5:30 pm on 9 May 2008. I had hoped my cutting would bring us in around 40 minutes max, but it ran 62 minutes. (I subsequently cut a few lines more out of the Messenger and Soldier's speeches; the time reduction won't be significant, but those seemed long since I read them both.)

Of course, a read-through in the virtual world is different than in the real world. We sat around on the Greek Theater seats, not really facing one another.

I did the Soldier's speech because Foster had a mic glitch and didn't realize it in time, so I went on from him. We will have rehearsal Thursday night, I hope with a Messenger who is not me. (Ada's point about having a crash list in case someone crashes or has a tech problem--well taken.)

I was originally a little concerned about the compressed rehearsal time, but the read-through made me optimistic on that point. These are people who can read, and express emotion with their voices--half the battle. Plus the casting is going too work very well, I think.

One of the discussions that we did have was whether to use alts or people's regular avatars. Megh had suggested alts with specific names for the characters, and then showed up with an old man alt (named Tiresias Messenger) looking like he'd been spending the day working on a pyramid.

Another discussion dealt with the pronunciation of names. On my to-do list is to come up with a list for everyone, so we are consistent. Though there are times when, should Cadmus and Tiresias NOT pronounce it like everyone else, it will make them seem uncool in the Dionysian lingo.

Afterwards I spoke briefly with Angelina about some prop issues, and have already talked to Zayante Hegel about footwear. (We are bartering--she does my shoes, I perform with her in August with her "Train Poems." Fair deal!)
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