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And the next week

I wanted to do regular postings after each rehearsal, and that got lost after two days...which is one reason why I am not a world famous blogger. People would forget me between posts.

Anyway, things have been going very well. On Tuesday, 5/20, during an exchange between Pentheus and Dionysus, I experienced a moment I feel pretty much every show: I remembered why I do theatre. This is my barometer of how well things are going. Of course, we do readthroughs, and have staging/blocking rehearsals, and work scenes. And it's all fun, but a bit like work. Until that moment when I see it's working, that it's theatre, and that we have a show.

Costumes and props are coming. I paid Angelina Burali to do the fawn skin cape and thrysoi. Ada is buying costumes so I will reimburse her from FFRC grant. All have created alts for their characters, and are outfitting them properly. I think the identifiation of the audience with the named characters/alts will aid in suspension of disbelief and allow them to "get into" it easier more easily.

I am still hoping to put the choral odes under Hydrapond's music, but we will see what the stream lag is like for performances. And my to do list for the show is still quite long...but it's a long weekend!

One of the cool thing has been putting the promo videos on youtube, as well as on and iReport. Check out the webpage at for the links.
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